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Modul as a Teaching Material: Ethno-Andragogy

The non-formal education study program uses learning companion supplements developed by each lecturer who teaches courses in the non-formal education study program. One example is the Ethno-andragogy module developed by a lecturer in the Adult Education/Andragogy course. This module is a learning companion to teach adults based on local wisdom.
Short description of the Ethno-andragogy module:
Ethno-andragogy is a teaching material that complements learning tools for the Adult Education Non-Formal Education study program. Several studies in this module explain andragogy as a learning approach and the people of the Lembak tribe as learning objects. Not only that, there are cultural values closely related to learning, so these values become an approach for adult learning, especially for the people of the Lembak tribe, Bengkulu province. This module consists of 6 learning activities.
Learning Activity 1: Philosophy of Adult Education
Learning Activity 2: Lembak Tribe Society
Learning Activity 3: Local Wisdom Values of Lembak-Tribal Communities
Learning Activity 4: Facilitation: Teaching and Learning Process in the Lembak Tribe society
Learning Activity 5: Learning Principles of Adult Education in Society Lembak Tribe
Learning Activities. 6: Evaluation of Adult Education at the Lembak Tribe Society

The following is a display of the Ethno-Andragogy module.

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